Commercial Network Solutions

Sound By Design specializes in Commercial Network Solutions that will improve the functionality of your place of business, as well as enhance the networking experience. Sound By Design will help you build a reliable foundation that lives up to the expectation of future and present technology. We will work with you to find a complete Commercial Networking Solution that satisfies all your business needs.

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Server Solutions:

Sound By Design can create a server work environment that offers flexibility, production increase, and benefits the visitors of your place of business. We will work with you to determine which technologies will be connected to your network, wired or wireless. A Server can be made of few components, to several different components like HDTV, lights, shades, security cameras, phones, and your control system. 


A high-speed secure network will provide the functionality that any business requires. At Sound By Design we provide ongoing support, and offer warranty packages. We use enterprise-grade equipment from routers, switches, and access points which are combined to create an idea secure network for your data and operations. Whether your Commercial Network Solutions are large or small, Sound By Design can provide you with dependable service at affordable prices.

Network Security:

Sound By Design can coordinate with your Internet Service Provider to provide a reliable, secure, and highspeed connectivity for your business technology system. With Sound By Design you can enjoy the peace of mind to use any network device throughout your business with a secure and reliable connection to your network. 

Wireless Solutions:

We can work with you to design a system that will provide for your ever-growing wireless needs. Today Wi-Fi can from connecting your phone to a simple Hotspot to creating a large network between multiple buildings. Whether your needs are large or small, we can create a simple to use system that allows your mobile devices to seamlessly move through your Houston, Texas business. 

Phone Systems:

Choose Sound By Design for all your Commercial Phone Networking needs. Technology is becoming more and more advanced, and Sound By Design can get you where you need to be. Business communication in the past consisted of a telephone, fax machine, and desktop computer. Now business communication means multi-line, multi-zone systems. As well as the integration of mobile phones, commercial automation, data and security cameras that all live on a network. Sound By Design will work with you to create a voice solution that fits your Houston, Texas business. 

Cellular Booster Systems:

Sound By Design can install a Cellular Booster System that can improve the signal for voice transmission and increase the signal speed performance for any kind of data transmission. Cellular Booster Systems capture outside signals and enhance them for a greater indoor cellular performance. Overcome poor cell service, and have Sound By Design install a Cellular Booster System today! Enjoy the freedom to communicate throughout your place of business with ease.

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