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Houston Home Theater Installation

Audio and Video Home Theater Installation Services

For over eight years, Sound by Design has been in the home theater installation business. We do HD TV installation, flat screen installation, surround sound installation, and all other aspects of custom home theater installation. We will work with you to make your custom home theater dreams come true.

Unlike many large retail chains, Sound by Design offers personalized service to its Houston customers. You can speak directly to our owner, and he always carries his cell phone so you can reach him at any time. To find out how Sound by Design can meet your home theater installation needs, call 832-887-3882 or stop by our Houston store today.

Home Theater Installation Services

Our experienced employees have experience working with and installing:

  • Record and CD players
  • Remote control volume
  • DVD and Blu-Ray players
  • Rock speakers
  • Subwoofers
  • Amps
  • Surround sound
  • iPod™
  • Satellite radio

Install Your Home Theater Today

At Sound by Design, we don’t contract out our services. That means that we do our own work, and we take great pride in it. Because of this, we make ourselves available to our customers even after the installation is complete. We offer additional service plans for interested customers.

Sound By Design can help you install man caves, entertainment centers, and full in-home theaters, and much more. Home theater installation offers numerous benefits such as reducing clutter, improving the aesthetics of rooms, and making your home feel comfortable.

Man Cave Installation

We offer high quality man cave installation. Image watching Monday night football or the Super Bowl at your local movie theater and multiply that by 500 percent and that is what you get with our man caves. We can install for you a 103 inch 1080P picture with a 910 Watt 7.1 surround sound system with reclining seats and cup holders for your favorite game day beverage. Additionally dimming lights can be installed to create the perfect atmosphere. The Man Cave can seat up to seven people with everyone having a clear view of the entire screen. It also is acoustically sound from top to bottom and its high quality speakers deliver a full spectrum of sound throughout the entire room. Optimal sound quality is enhanced through the design of the room. No matter your individual use you will love this home theater system.

Home Entertainment Centers

Sound By Design offers the best entertainment installation in Houston with your satisfaction guaranteed. Our professional trained and certified installers will come to your home to install your HDTC. We will mount and install your plasma or LCD TV in no time. Our installers can mount your TV in your perfect location whether it is over the fireplace or in the middle of the wall.

Our technicians will hook up all components of your home entertainment center for both video and audio. We can hook up your TV, DVD player, internet, video game unit, audio receive, amplifier, home theater speak system, and home theater box. We can provide the following as part of your home entertainment center installation:

  • We can make your entertainment center neater by concealing wires in the wall or under the floor by using our unique wire management system. This will enhance the beauty of your home. We can cover up wires going to your HDTV as well as the ones going to your speakers.
  • Integration of new or existing video components into your current system.
  • Programming of remote devices to operate connected and integrated components.
  • Provide customer orientation on how to use their home entertainment center.

Home Theater in a Box

One great way to get your own home theater without remodeling is by purchasing a home theater in a box. This type of system is becoming mainstream due to the fact that they are affordable and are great for family entertainment.

Home theater-in-a-box systems start at $200 and can run as high as $2000. We can help you install one in order to provide your theater with excellent surround sound, beauty, and design.

Our home theater in a box installation includes:

  • Pre-Installation Appraisal
  • All the cables you need
  • Route Speaker Wires along baseboard
  • Mount speakers for optimal sound
  • Hook up AV Components
  • Remote Control Set-Up
  • Set-Up Surround Sound Setting
  • Free tutorial

Houston residents curious about home theater installation should call Sound by Design at 832-887-3882.