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Houston Home Theater Audio

Texas Home Theater Audio Systems

Sound by Design offers custom home theater audio services to Houston residents. We sell and install the highest quality speakers and surround sound systems for all your home theater needs. Our employees are insured and offer the highest-quality service. None of our work is contracted out, and you can be sure to receive personalized service directly from our owner.

To find out more, call Sound by Design at 832-887-3882 or come by our Houston location.

Home Theater Audio Equipment

We are proud to sell home theater audio products from companies like:

  • Energy Speaker Systems
  • Soundcast Systems
  • NHT Audio
  • Mirage Speakers
  • JBL Home Audio
  • Harman/Kardon
  • And more

Sound By Design offers a variety of audio services in Houston. We offer whole-house home audio installation, 5.1 surround sound setup, speaker mounting, and wireless speakers set up. With the help of our professional team you will be able to hear movies and your favorite TV shows with surround sound. We will optimize your system so that you get the highest quality results.

Sound By Design technicians will help you to install speakers that provide high quality sound. We will set up you system or sub-woofer to operate up to a 5.1 surround system. In doing so, we will strategically place your speakers to achieve optimal sound. Our technicians will verify that your speakers are working correctly and are in the best possible position. During the installation process we will ensure that all wires and cables are neatly tucked away to achieve the highest level of aesthetic beauty in your home.

Our speaker installation service includes the following:

  • Mount speakers aesthetically in your home
  • Mask all speaking and wiring in the wall
  • Strategically place your speakers for optimal sound
  • Hook up audio devices
  • Adjust speakers to achieve the best sound for your home
  • Make sure your home is exactly how we found it
  • Installation warranty

You should prepare these before our technician arrives:

  • Speaker mounts
  • Speaker wire

Our technicians are:

  • Trained and certified
  • Insured
  • Completed a background check

Whole Home Audio Installation

We can install speakers that are hooked to a central audio system allowing you to enjoy your favorite music no matter where you are in your home. You can use your iPod in your living room as well as when you are taking a shower.

Call us and we will integrate your entire house into an audio system. During the installation process our technicians will work with you to better understand your home audio needs. We will also install main control components as well as other controls. Additionally we will ensure that all speakers are properly positioned and working. Our technicians will go over with you how to optimize your home audio system.

Contact Sound By Design to get your free estimate from our technicians: 832-887-3882

5.1 Surround Sound Setup

Our technicians can also work with you to set up a 5.1 setup that features 5 satellite speakers and a sub-woofer. The five speakers that our technicians will set up are the following:

  • Center
  • Front left
  • Front right
  • Surround left
  • Surround right

Our experts will work to position the speakers perfectly. The center speaker needs to be placed either on top or underneath the screen to ensure the best surround sound quality. Our technicians will then place the left and right speaker on the sides of the screen or mount them on the wall behind the screen. It is essential to set the speakers level with people's normal seating position. A 5.1 surround sound setup will produce excellent effects that will fill the room with music that touches your soul. With 5.1 surround sound you will be able to hear a bee as it buzzes past your ear or the sound of a car crash. Installing the system correctly is essential to achieving real life sound.

Sound by Design sells only the highest-quality, most cutting-edge home theater audio equipment. Our speakers will give you amazing clarity in surround sound.

Installing Your Home Theater Audio Systems

Sound by Design’s high-tech audio systems will astound you. We can help you pick out the right systems, and our employees will install it right into your home theater. Sound by Design can meet the custom home theater audio needs of all Houston residents. We offer installation for all purchases, and unlimited additional service for up to 90 days after installation. Extended service plans are also available.

For more information on home theater audio in Houston, call Sound by Design at 832-887-3882.