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Houston Home Automation

Home automation in Houston, TX

With so many things being automated, it only makes sense to start getting your home automated as well. Home automation is extremely convenient and time-saving, and can save you a lot of energy as well. Concerns about crime and violence can be allayed as well. Sound by Design has been serving customers in Houston for over 12 years, helping meet all their home automation needs. For more information on how Sound by Design can help you with home automation, call 832-887-3882.

What Is Home Automation?

Home automation can seem like a nebulous term, but really, it's what it sounds like. Systems that in the past must be manually operated can now be accomplished automatically, or by remote. We offer the following services for home automation:

Sound By Design offers a variety of home automation systems to meet your any need. We offer automatic climate control systems, family home automation systems, and vacation property automation systems.

Automatic Climate Control Systems

We can install an automatic climate control system that will ensure that you are comfortable at all times. Our technology will react to the current weather leaving you in comfort no matter whether it is a hot sunny day in Houston or a cool day.

Sound By Design is experienced in providing the best home automation systems in Houston. We will help you to set up climate control for your home needs or if you have a home business we can also provide climate control as well. We are located in Houston and serve the Houston area. Sound By Design is a respected name in home automation and we guarantee your satisfaction.

Why is Sound By Design the right company for your needs?

When looking to install an automatic climate control system that integrates your heating, ventilation, and air conditioning, you need to choose a company that has a long history of success. With over 20 years in the business we have proven that we are reliable and offer top notch service in Houston. We offer affordable service while providing quality that cannot be beat.

Family Home Automation System

Sound By Design can design for you a complete automation system for your home. Our system can be tailored to your individual lifestyle. We offer security systems at affordable prices to protect your home while you are out.

Our typical home automation system includes:

  • Security system
  • Security cameras
  • Intelligent irrigation control
  • Climate control to ensure a comfortable living environment at all times
  • Automated lighting for your safety

These systems typical start around $10,000. Call us to get an exact quote for your residence.

Vacation Property Automation System

You may be thinking about securing your vacation property or controlling the climate so that mold and mildew don't ruin your beautiful vacation home. We provide a home automation solution that gives you remote access and alerts you when problems come to light.

Complete features of a vacation property automation system:

  • Climate control that allows you to save energy
  • Monitoring of your property with your computer, Android phone or iPhone
  • Top notch security cameras

Call us to get a free estimate for your vacation property: 832-867-3882

Benefits of Sound By Design Home Automation Systems

Convenience and comfort- Home automated systems offer your enhanced comfort and convenience. You may be tired of always having to look for the remote. With Sound By Design you can say goodbye to air conditioner remotes. You will also save time since you will no longer have to go around the house opening and closing blinds. Not to mention that you will save on energy.

Security- The number one reason to have a home automation system is that it will enhance security. With our top of the line home automation systems and security cameras you can look in on your home from anywhere in the world. Our system even provides security when you are at home. In the event of a fire you will be alerted and the system will automatically phone the fire department.

Savings- Finally you will not only save money but you will save the environment with a home automation system.

Home Automation at Sound by Design

Sound by Design is an independent company that offers customer service and support unmatched by big chains. Houston customers will work individually with our experienced, professional technicians to ensure their home automation needs are met just how they want. All customers can speak directly to our owner, and he carries his cell phone with him at all times so you can reach him whenever you want. We offer installation for all of our products, and we provide unlimited additional service for 90 days after installation.

To find out more about Sound by Design's home automation services in Houston, call 832-867-3882.